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Cold Roll Form Technology
Cold Rolled Applications       

    Cold roll formed light gauge steel sections can be made in a variety of shapes for effective use in many engineering applications. SOme of the industries where use of cold formed sections are:

Rolling shutter components like shutter lath, guide channels and bottom plates, Z purlins, door frames and structural sections.

Chassis sections, panel sections for cargo bodies of LCV's, HCV's, stiffeners and other sections for smaller vehicles like tractor bodies, pick-up vans, etc.

Electrical and Textile:
Sections like MCB holding channels, C profiles, Din Rails and Triangular Creel etc.

General Engineering:
Any section can be developed to suite the design and requirement of general engineering industry.

Pollution Control:
Electrostatic precipitator components like collecting electrodes and discharge electrodes can be conveniently roll formed to suit the design parameters.

Sections For Automobile Industry
Sections For Polution Controll Industry
Sections For Textile Electric Industry
Sections for Construction Industry

Verity of Cold Rolled Form Sections for various industry.

Use In Structural Engineering:
With structural steel becoming costlier, there is an urgent need for alternate technology to reduce the consumption of steel. It is in this context cold roll formed light gauge sections in structural and fabrication industry is more then 30 years old.

The basic advantage in using light gauge steel sections is the relative high strength-to-weight ratio compared to conventional hot rolled steel sections. Since the stiffness of any member is directly proportional to moment of inertia of the cross section (I), increasing the dept and reducing the thickness increase the moment of inertia of the cross sections.

Method of improving stiffness - reducing the weight
Method of improving stiffness - reducing the weight

As any flexural members, like purlins are designed by theory of simple bending, higher sections modules make the sections more efficient in load carrying capacity and thereby economical. This is the basic principal behind the designing of cold roll formed light gauge section. Also higher moment of inertia (I) reduces the slenderness ratio in comparison members and thereby increases the carrying capacity.


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